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Valley Vines to Wines was originally located in Pioneer Square and started in 1995. It was moved to the current location, in Mill Bay Centre, in 1998. Original owners, Barb and Graham Hopkins, built an excellent business focused on customer experience and top quality production processes. Pat and Peter Dicken purchased the business in 2001 after looking at several “Ferment on Premise” operations. Pat and Peter were both involved in the financial services industry and were making wine at home and at similar businesses. Before purchasing Peter interviewed the various kit manufacturers and reviewed their operations. The commitment to quality, evidenced by the review of Winexpert, determined our choice of product supplier. As Valley Vines to Wines was an authorized retailer for Winexpert it became our choice of business to purchase.  Now we have a great business, helping a wonderful customer base in a beautiful environment.

After 2 years of operation we invested in the remodelling of the store to enhance the bottling experience. With the help of Rick Silas, (coldbentglass.com) and David Crowe (www.housecallscontracting.com) we created the current bottling stations. Our bottle fillers handle 2 bottles at a time and we lend assistance with the labelling, capping and dating so the bottles are ready for presentation before they leave the store.

This store has been a leader in the industry with owners serving over 6 years with the Fermenters Guild of BC (industry leadership group) and 4 years with Winexpert’s National Retail Council. We were the leaders in developing the Oak Barrel Ageing process.

Our mandate is to provide Top Quality Products, Experience and People. With our customers  continued support and input we strive to meet this mandate and welcome your suggestions and feedback.