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Coolers & Ciders

We offer a number of flavours for coolers and ciders as follows: (we can adjust sweetness to your tase)

Ice  (like Vinoka Ice) – Apple (dry or sweet)- Apple Lime- Cranberry- Crabapple- Hard Lemonade- Cranberry Hard Lemonade-Kiwi-Raspberry-Pear-Pink Grapefruit-Crossbow Cider-Wildberry-Peach

We have also found that people really enjoy coolers made from the Island Mist series wine kits. Over the last 2 years many have changed from the coolers and ciders listed above to the flavours you can find listed in the Island Mist product section.

Champagne style wines

Winexpert has the Millenium kit designed for champagne style wines. We also find that people have enjoyed carbonating other styles. For very dry the Chardonney Semillion and Viognier kits provide an excellent choice. Some also want a slightly sweeter product and will use the German Muller Thurgau.

All carbonated products will take you longer to bottle than regular wine. Whereas regular wine bottling will take about 20 minutes, carbonated will take closer to an hour.