July 2015 Anniversary Special

We are celebrating our Anniversary 

NOW until the end of August and would like

for you to join us!


As part of our celebrations, we are offering you:

$10 off 5 week kit

$12 off 7 week kit

$15 off 8 week kit

Buy a second wine and receive 

your choice of

30 Bottles

15 bottle wooden  crate

$25 Gift Certificate at Dinters Nursery

$25 Gift Card Cowichan Valley Meats

(limited number of certificates)

Introducing  our newest Port flavour

Salted Caramel

Limited Release – 3 kits available September 2015

 We have Blackberry, Chocolate Raspberry Port and Chocolate Orange Port available anytime through the year.  Now is the time to get them started so you can have them ready for Christmas gifts.

 B C Day Long Weekend Closure

Saturday August 1 – Closed

Sunday August 2nd – Closed

Monday August 3 – Closed


Eclipse Forza

Limited Release Product

Winexpert has secured a limited quantity of superb quality juice and is able to offer it as a limited release product under the Eclipse brand.

Forza, which means strength in Italian, is a bold red blend from Veneto, Italy.  It is a blend of Corvina, Sangiovese and Barbera and includes grape skins for added depth.

Deep ruby colour with aromas of plum, smoke and spice.  Rich flavours of dark fruit, chocolate, and cedar with lingering oak and a firm, long finish.  Pairs wonderfully with braised meats and rich risottos.

Style: bold red       Body: full       Oak: heavy      Sweetness: dry

Alcohol: 16%



Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Look for a Victoria Location opening soon


Pat and Peter heard about these grills 4 years ago. In order to develop a comfort level with these unique grills we bought one a little over 3 years ago. Within 3 weeks we had sold our 5 burner propane BBQ as we found the Traeger grill did a better job with any food we cooked. The difference for us was amazing. All our food was tastier and moister than on a propane unit.

These grills use hard wood pellets from Oregon (8 different flavours) and they work as a smoker or grill. The heat settings are digital so you can set for smoke for as long as you want or you can set at various temperatures up tp 450 degrees.

(it takes about 12 minutes to reach 450)

No need for a rotisserie as the heat is evenly distributed around the meat. No need to burn to clean the grill as there are no flare ups or direct flame on your food thus no burnt residue on your grill. Clean up is wipe off the grill, replace the foil underneath and occasionally vacuum a small amount of ash in the base of the unit.

Once we were convinced that the Traeger was as good as claimed we have checked out the support and service of the company that sells them. We have been very impressed with the follow up and commitment to service that we have found.

We have met a number of people who already own a Traeger and they are all delighted to have a local source of the wood pellets and the fabulous sauces, rubs and BBQ accessories. Without exception current users and people who have purchased a Traeger from us are passionate about the results they are achieving.

Check out the videos at. 

No More

Flare Ups                  Baby Sitting

Charcoal                       Propane

You get a 3 year warranty, great recipe book, amazing results and great support.

8 flavours of wood pellets at $21.95 a bag with punch card that provides the 11th bag free. Bags of pellets will give you about 9.5 hours of burning as a grill compared with propane at 9.75 hours.



Take a Look Upstairs

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August 6  till September 12th


Rick Silas Glass Art 


September 15th through October 29


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October 30 through December 10th

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