Bottling Process

The bottling of your wine will take about 20 minutes per batch of regular wine and 45 minutes per batch for carbonated products, this includes enough time for the sterilization process. Your bottles need to be cleaned BEFORE you bring them in. There is enough time to clean the bottles during your appointment. The sterilization process involves using a hand pump to force an iodine-based solution into the bottle (this solution kills any bacteria on contact but is not a cleaner). You then rinse and drain on cart racks ready for filling.

Our filling machines fill two bottles at a time with the push of a button. When the bottles are full you place them into the corker. Closing the door will force a cork into the bottle and seal it. We will assist you with the labels, dates, and tops so that your bottles are dressed and ready for dinner when you leave.

We have carts available to help you carry your bottles to and from your car. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Being early, however, does not help as it can take away from the service we are trying to provide for the person ahead of you.