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Much like the evolution from cork to screw top bag-in-box wines are growing in popularity, and not just for economical brands but premium brands too. Valley Vines to Wines now offers you the same convenience of quality boxed wines that are well-priced. Embrace the ease and environmental benefits of switching from bottle to box and reduce your entertainment costs by as much as 50%. Bag-in-box also offers a practical and environmental alternative to glass bottles (smaller carbon footprint to produce) with the added ability to keep your wines fresher for longer. Having sampled some of the most popular commercial boxed wines, we can confidently say our Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard series wines are a better product.

How do you get it in the bag?

We have a unique proprietary system designed specifically for a limited number of Winexpert stores (not available to anyone else) that pumps the wine into the bag: 5 bottles of wine in 40 seconds! Snap the lid back in place and you’re done. Each batch provides 6 bags and 1 cardboard box for serving. Or try our Wine Poke. Made with durable nylon and a non-slip rubber base, it is the perfect companion for dispensing your homemade wine. Sits conveniently on the counter or in the fridge.

Wine Poke $40