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Coolers & Sparkling Wines

Our carbonated coolers come in a variety of flavours made from our Island Mist series wine kits. The process only takes 5 weeks and the finished product is bottled in 500ml plastic bottles and sealed with twist-off caps.

Champagne-style Wines

We can carbonate any of our wine products and find that the Italian Pinot Grigio (similar to Brut-style champagne) kits provide an excellent choice if you prefer a dryer wine. If you like a slightly sweeter product, we recommend the German Muller-Thurgau which is comparable to a rosé.

All carbonated products will take you longer to bottle than regular wine. Whereas regular wine bottling will take about 20 minutes, carbonating will take closer to an hour. For bottling, you will need to use glass champagne-style bottles with plastic stoppers and wire hoods.