The Wait Is Over

Traeger has revolutionized outdoor cooking once again. And just in time for grilling season! Traeger has introduced two new models for 2019, the Pro 575 and Pro 780 as well as the entirely new Ironwood Series.

With a 20-lb hopper, it feeds hardwood pellets via a motorized auger into a firebox that can maintain temperatures anywhere from 165 to 500 degrees for hours. That means you can do both slow-cooked barbecue and high-temperature searing or anything in between. Essentially, this series offers much of what you’d get with the Timberline series, but with smaller grills at more affordable prices.

Their signature WiFiretechnology was originally only on the Timberlines and has been added as a new feature to the original Pro Series and the new Ironwood Series. This enables grillers to monitor and change the grills temperatures, track the temperature of the food being grilled, and even add smoke from virtually anywhere using the Traeger smartphone app.

Plus, Traeger’s new D2 Direct Drive Technology delivers more power to the grill and more precise control over cooking temperatures leading to more consistent results. This feature allows the auger to reverse if it detects a jam in the wood chips.

And it doesn’t stop there! Stainless liners inside the new and the improved models allows for faster heating to higher temperatures therein improving the grilling aspect on the Traegers. It also speeds up the heating of the grills at startup and after opening. The barrel has been elongated to make it oval rather than round which adds more cooking surface with an extra shelf.

Check out our grills here. Better yet, shop the latest models in-store. Or watch the launch video.